DB-DaaS : Optimizing Release Automation

Every environment is different, Every deployment process is unique.
See how DB-DaaS could help you improve your database release cycles and seamlessly integrate with the process followed by your development & devops teams.

About DB-DaaS

Database Migration-Key Challenges

Applications are completely dependent on data. Deploying changes in database is a time consuming process as it requires manual review, approvals and versioning from DB Ops teams. Enterprises have implemented CI/CD and universal version control to application code to deliver software features quickly to market. However this is not the case with DB code migration.

  • DB Ops team challenges include managing and tracking versions / releases of DB code applied to various application instances.

  • Management of DB access accounts is usually not centralized or secured and sometimes resides in DB team local machines.

  • Enterprises have systems built to work on both RDBMS and NOSQL databases. There is no consistent process available to support DB release management that works on such heterogenous environment.

  • DB-DaaS product suite addresses all challenges associated with DB migration process and makes the DB migration code available in CI/CD model with versioning control similar to application code.


CI/CD Delivery


Version Control


Manual Deployments

DB-DaaS Features

  • DB-DaaS is a suite of product services with fully features Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline that automates the entire deployment process for SQL and NOSQL databases.

  • It provides rich UI analytics, metrics and data-insight dashboards to report on database deployment statistics at applications and instances level.

  • Changes to be made in databases has become easy and removed dependencies on DB teams manual approval and release processes.

  • Database Access and Config information is stored securely in a centralized noSQL database with restricted access to certain elevated DB groups.

  • DB-DaaS is built on services architecture that immediately aligns with enterprises existing platforms and cloud infrastructure.

Secured By Design
Full API Life Cycle
Write Once, Deploy Anywhere
Opensource Monitoring & Alerts
United Platform
Center for Enablement

Database Administrators

  • CI/CD for Database Migrations

  • DB Delivery Efficiencies

  • Database Workflow Automation Tools

Application Developers

  • Optimize DB Development

  • Automate DB Deployment

  • Eliminate Bottlenecks

  • Focus on Software

Software Executives

  • Bring efficiencies across teams

  • Automate SDLC

  • Reduce overhead

  • Focus on Software

DB-DaaS is an automated DB Deployment solution

Reliable, continuous and automated solution that improves productivity for database administrators and developers.


CI/CD Delivery for Databases

DB-DaaS platform provides implementation of CI/CD for the database that helps the Database Administrators and Developers seamlessly migrate databases.


Database Changes as Code

DB-DaaS makes the database code deployment as a fast and reliable release automation thus eliminates the risk of human error and security vulnerabilities.


Supports Most Industry Standard Databases

DB-DaaS supports database migration for most of the industry standard database vendors like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Key Benefits


Eliminate Errors

Catch errors before they occur


Faster Deployments

Deploy database changes faster than before


Increase Productivity

Streamline deployment of application and database code simulatenously

Integrations – Databases, Version control and CI/CD

How to get started

In a nutshell, DB-DaaS is a platform that can be hosted on-premise or on cloud, built as microservices that integrates and works well with any teams existing CI/CD setup and enables teams to seamlessly deploy and manage database releases.

DBA configures the application in DB-DaaS
Application developer checks in scripts in source controls (Github / Bitbucket / Artifactory)
Application developer creates build in DB-DaaS / triggers the build from pipeline (Jenkins / Bamboo / Xebia Labs etc.)
DBA approves the build in DB-DaaS
DB-DaaS gets the scripts from source control
DB-DaaS executes the build in your Databases (Oracle / Sql Server / Mysql / Mongo)

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